#9 Our Long Trip Home


Our ADO bus left Playa del Carmen right on time at 11pm headed towards Chetumal and we settled in for a 4-hour drive, sleeping off and on intermittently. For some reason, I just could not get comfortable and was thrilled when we finally got to Chetumal and was greeted by our Belizean driver.

caleb-stokes-273055-unsplash (1)

Mexico has a law that Belizean taxi drivers cannot carry passengers in Mexico, so the Belizean driver got us a Mexican Taxi and told the Mexican driver where to drop us off. The Belizean driver followed closely behind us and once we got to the designated stop, we got out and went with the Belizean driver through Customs and Immigration again. At about 5am, the Belizean driver then took us to the place where our Belizean rental car was and we were off on our 3 1/2 hr. trip from Corazol to Belize City.  It was a bit difficult driving before daylight in a place where we were so unfamiliar, and we did get lost once, but soon found our way back to the main road and made it to Belize City.


It was very sad driving back because there were so many dogs sleeping and walking right in the middle of the “highway”.  Of course, we stopped and went around them, but the buses that drive the main road, drive really fast and I’m sure they do not stop to go around.  For the most part, animals are not treated well in Belize and it was definitely upsetting to both of us.

Speaking of sad news, while we were in Mexico, we had found out that the Canadian woman and her American boyfriend that went missing while we were in Belize were found dead in a sugar cane field. Their hands were duct taped and they both died of strangulation. At first, we had heard rumors that it may have been drug-related, but we had not heard anything more (we also found out that Belize is one of the top 5 murder countries in the world)  We were so glad to be getting out of Belize.


We eventually made it back to the “International Airport” and traded in our rental car. We had about 3 hours to wait until our plane left, so we headed up to the Airport Restaurant and I thought I would try JackCakes which is a Belizean breakfast food. LOL!! I should have known better, but it was horrible (some type of thick flour “cake” dripping in grease) and I ended up eating the rice and beans that accompanied my breakfast!! Once they called our flight, we were on there as fast as could be and were so happy to be returning to the USA.  All in all, Belize was a very depressing place to be and Rich and I were very happy to be leaving the country. I’m sure that there are a lot of people who visit the beaches of Belize for vacation and love it, but we were looking at it from a different lens and knew that it was just not a place where we wanted to live.


We got into Miami around Noon and after waiting for our luggage and then waiting a long time for our shuttle back to the hotel where our car was awaiting we were getting exhausted and still had a 3 hour ride back to Fort Myers, but we were happy too that this “long trip home” would soon be over!! We stopped at Longhorn and had a wonderful meal and talked about our next steps. All the things that we needed to do to prepare our home for sale and to prepare ourselves and our pets to move to Mexico. We were tired, but very much running on adrenaline thinking about what we need to do in the next few months to get us on the path to Mexico!!