#32 A Visit To Ticul

Sixty miles south of Merida is the lovely pueblo of Ticul, also known as “The Pearl of The South”.  Ticul is known for the production of pottery and shoes.  We decided to take a day trip down to Ticul to check out the pottery, which we were told was really beautiful.  Neither one of us needed shoes, so we did not go into any shoe stores, but I wish we had so we could have some pictures of all the lovely shoes for you all to see, but I guess we will have to do that with the next visit.


As you come into Ticul, you will find all sorts of transportation heading into town.


We saw some wonderful pottery shops along the way and went into most of them!

This one had an array of Mayan-like pottery and pretty painted items too.  I bought what I think was a beautiful Mayan calendar (which are the round, non-painted items) and we also got a lovely round bowl for a dining room table.


The next shop was owned by this man and his family, I’m sorry we did not get his name, but he was really nice and showed us all over his shop.


He had the normal bowls and pots and the like, but he also has some gorgeous Mayan pieces which were huge and absolutely breath-taking.  With his limited knowledge of English and our limited knowledge of Spanish, we had a wonderful tour.


Here is his kiln where he fires all his pottery.  (Not sure how he gets those really big pieces in there, maybe Mayan Magic!!)





It’s really so amazing how many pieces he had in his shop.

We ended up buying a large round pot for the garden where I am growing a pineapple and a small rectangular pot where I have some succulents growing.  At the way my garden is progressing, I am sure we will be going back there soon to get more pots!!

We then moved on to the next store a few doors down which had artisans working on the pottery.  Some were sanding, some painting.  They were all very busy and had lots of unique and colorful items for sale.




Need a giraffe?  This is the place to come!!


Need some lions…..This is your place!!

Here is the pottery that we purchased that day:  *Very affordable too!!

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil Welcome Frogs!!
Pineapple Plant in Pot.
My favorite color: Periwinkle Pot on Dining Table.
Cute little succulent garden.

Unfortunately, one of my favorite pieces, the Mayan calendar, broke in transit back to Merida when Rich took a speed bump at break-neck speed!!

Boo Hoo!!

After all that shopping, we ate lunch at a nice place offering great Yucatecan plates.


Hope you enjoyed “Our Visit to Ticul”.  If you are in the Merida area, it is worth the gas to take the trip down to Ticul and enjoy the shopping!!