#28 Cathedral of San Ildefonso

Most of the many parques in Merida are built around the churches.  Of course, the biggest and most beautiful church is in the Plaza Grande.


It is the Cathedral of San Ildefonso.

Now I am not really one to be impressed by churches, but I wanted to go inside to check it out and I was just blown away.  Then I did some research on the church and was also very impressed.  Hope you enjoy the photos and history like I did.


Cathedral of San Ildefonso is considered the oldest church in the Americas built on the mainland, second only to the one built on the island of Santo Domingo.

Its construction, made from the stones of the pyramids of the ancient Maya city of T’hó, began in 1561 and the first stage was completed 37 years later, in 1598.

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Along the sides of the church are headstones built into the floor.  Many dating back to the 1800’s.20180323_18043420180323_18041620180323_180352


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The Cathedral is massive and beautiful.  If you would like to read more about the history, you can read a good article from Yucatan Today magazine.




Rich at the “Door of Forgiveness”

Wonder what he needs forgiveness for??

Probably because he hasn’t been in a synagogue in over 10 years!!