#26 The Cementario General de la Ciudad

Photos of The Cementario General de la Ciudad……

Newer portion of the cemetery with flat tombs above ground.


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“Los Pequenos”…..The Little Ones


This is a very interesting monument.  I did a little research and although I do not understand it completely, found that in December, 1923 there was a revolt and Felipe Carrillo Puerto (Governor of Yucatan) was asked to participate and he declined.  He and his family and other compadres left the city, eventually getting onto a boat which they thought could get them to Cuba.  Unfortunately, the boat was in poor shape and could only make it to a nearby island where he and his family were taken into custody and then transported back to Merida to the Benito Juarez Prison.  In the last days of 1923, an auction took place where Felipe Carrillo Puerto’s life and those of his brothers and compadres were offered up.  Whoever paid the most amount of money could either call for the death of the Governor or forgiveness.  Their choice.  The highest sum came from a group of henequen landowners, who viscerally hated the leader from Motul and demanded his death.

On January 3rd, 1924, Felipe and his brothers Edesio, Benjamín and Wilfrido were shot, along with Rafael Urquiza, captain of the police; Marciano Barrientos, official; Francisco Tejada, police agent; Antonio Cortés, assistant and driver of the governor; Lic. Manuel Berzunza, municipal president of Mérida; Pedro Ruiz, Cecilio Lázaro, Daniel Valerio and Julián Ramírez.

This monument commemorates their lives.


This “mausoleum” was very odd…….you look down into it and there are empty graves there.



These are called “ossuaries”.  I had never heard of an ossuary before, so I researched it and found that for the poor people who could not afford to purchase a gravestone or mausoleum, they would bury their bodies for a few years and then dig up the bones, put them into a box and store them like this.  Interesting…..

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A few mausoleums…….

Thanks for visiting the Mexican Cementario with me!!