#25 Residency, Lunch and The Cementario

January 2018

Rich and I had to go to YES (Yucatan Expat Services) today to give them some of my personal documents so they can get me documented as a wife of a Temporary Mexican Resident (I’m considered his property because I am not contributing anything to our household expenses on a monthly basis).  Interesting huh? They have lots of rules and laws about how much money you need coming to you on a monthly basis and we found this way will work out best for us.

Once we went through Immigration when we first arrived in Cancun, we had only a few months to get Rich documented. I think he had to get his Resident Card within 3 months of being in Mexico and I had 6 months because I was considered a “visitor”. It took 6-7 weeks for him to get his Temporary Resident Card and now he is good to live in Mexico for a year. Then in a year, we have to go through the paperwork and cost and frustration again and will do this yearly until we are here for 4 years and then we are considered “permanent residents”. It is a long and drawn out process and YES does it for a fee.  They do all the paperwork, sit at the Immigration Office to file all the correct paperwork and it really makes it much easier on us since there are very little staff at the Immigration Office who speak English, so we decided to just pay it!! So, in about 3 weeks I will also become a “temporary resident” too.

After YES, we went for lunch to a little baguette place with great sandwiches not too far from us. I had a Pan Blanco Arracherra Baguette with queso y
champinones, which is a white bread baguette with skirt steak, cheese and mushrooms and it was really yummy!! I have found that, for the most part, we have “kind of mastered” ordering in a restaurant, but are still working on learning everyday Spanish!! I’m sure we will eventually become fluent, but we still have a long, long way to go! We are in the process of trying to find a school that we can go to and there are many here, but they are also very expensive and would cost us $1,000+ for a few weeks of intensive study, so we are still checking out our options.

So I bet you are wondering how the cemetery is included in our interesting day? Well, we had decided that after lunch we would go around Merida taking more photos for the blog and we were studying the Yucatan Today (a wonderful monthly magazine with lots of information about things to do, places to eat, maps and much more in the Yucatan Penninsula) and saw a blurb about The Cementario General de la Ciudad (The General Cemetary of the City). It was noted to be a very impressive place full of history and culture, so we decided to check it out!


This cemetery was unlike any place I have ever seen. I read that there are over 25,000 tombs, ossuaries, and mausoleums and after spending the afternoon there and knowing that I did not get close to seeing the whole thing, I am sure that is probably correct. It is massive and broken down into many different sections. The first photos are taken in a newer section where they mostly have flat above ground tombs.


That is where we met an iguana crossing the quiet street.

20180307_144513_003 (2)

We meandered around and came to a different section where the grave markers were more monumental with many different types of statues of angels, crosses, and God. I even found two different areas that were marked “los pequenos” which means “the little ones”.


I also read that there are many famous people buried there and I will probably be doing some research on it as it is very unique and interesting. As you will see in the photos that many of the tombs and mausoleums have fallen into ruin and much of the cemetery is not taken care of which makes it a very sad place too.


While we were there we saw a Mexican funeral procession which was very different than anything I have ever seen. It consisted of the hearse. Followed by a few motorcycles, a pickup truck with about 8 people in the bed of the truck, a Volkswagen and a station wagon straight out of the 70’s and a jitney which is a motorized bicycle/motorcycle with a base and bench attached, where people sit and get transported around. Now that is a true Mexican funeral!  Using all types of transportation to get there 🙂

As we left, I told Rich that I am glad that we have decided to get cremated as I would not want to end up in such a sad place and he said he was thinking the same thing.

So that was our very interesting day. Check out all the photos on the next page!