#21 Shipping Our Items From There to Here

Remember when we spoke of the shippers and how they told us that once we get an address in Merida to contact them and we will get our shipped items within a few days?  Guess what??  THEY LIED!!!


Once we got here and gave them the address, we found that our items were not in Mexico, but still back in Miami!!  We were also told that we needed to have our Temporary Resident Card before any of the items could be shipped (and it took approximately a month before Rich could get his card).  Once he got his card, he was in touch with the shippers and first they said it would take 10 days for the items to arrive in Mexico from Miami.  Then we were told that there was a delay.  Then we received an email from the shipping company that because our items were not enough to fill an entire shipping container, our items were shipped in multiple containers and we would need to pay $750 USD which was the fee for them to pull all our items from multiple containers.   The request for the money said that we could appeal this, but our items would not be shipped to our home until we paid the full $750.  So we paid.


We left Fort Myers, Florida on October 27, 2017, and did not receive our items until the end of January 2018.

It took over 3 months and approximately $5,000 to ship our items from Florida to Merida, Mexico.

If we had to do it again, we definitely would have done it differently, but we did not know better and now we do.

Live and Learn!!

Once we received our things and could put everything in its place, we finally felt settled.  We felt like we really belonged here in Merida and then felt as if we could go out in the world and learn all about our new city of Merida and all the gorgeous surrounding areas of the Yucatan Peninsula.

We were home.