#6 Mexico and Hotel LunaSol


May 4, 2017:
The day of our travel into Mexico went perfectly. We dropped our rental car with some of our luggage safe and sound behind the high fence with razor wire on the top and a few guard dogs too, so we were comfortable in leaving our items behind. We met the Belizean driver who would be taking us into Mexico to the bus depot and we were ready to get the heck out of Belize!! We traveled through Customs and Immigration without any issues and the driver took us straight to the ADO Bus Station. Once we got there he even helped us to get our tickets to Playa del Carmen and helped Rich with the ATM which was completely in Spanish and we needed to exchange our Belizean money for Pesos!!  Thank Goodness for him, he was a Godsend!! I cannot remember his name, but he was very nice and we wished him all the best with his girlfriend and new baby!!


We took the bus and it was a very nice way to travel the Riviera Maya. A nice new bus with air conditioning and a movie (in Espanol, of course).  I knew it was about Steve Jobs, but that was about all I could get out of it…..LOL!  4 hours later we were in Playa del Carmen!  From there we called our rental car agency and they picked us up. We got our car, which we later nicknamed “The Crapmobile”, but it got us from point A to point B and it was cheap, so I guess we couldn’t complain too much!!

This is not the real “crapmobile”, but it was a Volkswagen!!

We drove on to find our hotel, Hotel LunaSol and that is when we found out that driving in Mexico and driving in the States are two TOTALLY DIFFERENT things!!  First, in Playa del Carmen they do not have many stop lights, just stop signs.  Secondly, everyone is trying to go the same way at the same time!! Seriously, most streets are one way in Playa and on a two-lane street, you have buses, cars, motorcycles, taxis, bikes and people walking all at the same time and going the same way!! I did not drive while we were there, but it was very challenging for Rich, as I tried the best to do the navigating. Then there were many times when we could not find parking spots and had to drive around for 15 to 20 minutes just trying to find a spot. So needless to say, the traffic was horrendous and much of a headache for both of us, but more so for Rich!!

hotel lunasol3183447131833899

We eventually found our hotel and checked in!

Author: Karen and Rich

Recently retired after 30 years as a nurse!! Yay!! Moving to Mexico with the love of my life & our 4 crazy pets!! Please enjoy following our Mexican Adventure which takes you from the thoughts in our heads considering moving overseas to our everyday lives on the Yucatan Penninsula and everything in between!!

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