#5 Making Plans…


The next day we went into town to try to find the ADO bus station that travels up into Mexico and was unable to find it. (Afterwards, we found that there is nothing on the building saying it is a bus station, only a schedule of the times they pick up and drop off in the window), which we totally missed!!

As we were driving and looking for it, we noticed a couple walking on the side of the road who looked to be as confused as we were, so we stopped to talk with them. Turns out they were Canadians who had an RV and were traveling throughout Mexico and Belize and were looking for a place to park their RV.  We explained that we were going to be traveling into Mexico, but could not seem to find the bus station and they told us that they were going to this place just up the road that might be helpful to us, where they sold tickets for various trips and excursions, so we followed them and went into this tiny little office. Unfortunately, they could not help our new friends find a place to park their RV, but they were fantastic in helping us!! When we rented the car, we were made aware that we could not take it over the border into Mexico or Guatemala. We also found that there were many, many rules and regulations that had to be followed and thank goodness, this girl knew them all!  She advised that we could keep our rental car parked at their office (which was fenced in and watched by guard dogs), we would need to be taken up to the Mexico/Belize border and go through Customs and Immigration. We were able to make all the plans with her for the trip up to Playa del Carmen and for our return trip back to Belize to pick up our rental car and get to the airport for our journey home.

Our remaining days in Corazol were spent on the computer making all our Mexico plans (hotel reservations and Mexican rental car), canceling the Belize plans, talking with Samantha about Playa del Carmen and relaxing by the Corazol Bay. *See photos. We had thought of maybe trying a swim in the bay, but then found out that there are alligators in the water, so we skipped on that one!!

Almond Tree Hotel/Corazol, Belize/2017

Author: Karen and Rich

Recently retired after 30 years as a nurse!! Yay!! Moving to Mexico with the love of my life & our 4 crazy pets!! Please enjoy following our Mexican Adventure which takes you from the thoughts in our heads considering moving overseas to our everyday lives on the Yucatan Penninsula and everything in between!!

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