#4 Day Two in Belize


On day 2 of our stay in Corazol, we had an appointment with an expat realtor who gave us all the ins and outs of Corazol & Belize. She was very knowledgeable about Corazol and answered all of our many questions.  She did not have anything to sell or rent us at the time, but talked about the expat community where she lives and spoke about all the get-togethers that they offer and more. We told her we were not ready to rent anything at that time anyway and she advised for us to call her when we get back to Belize to live.

We again drove around to see the area and was very disappointed in what we saw.  I think by that time we had decided that Belize was not for us.

sad face emoji

We went back to our hotel for dinner and we spoke with Samantha who advised that we should think about Mexico. I told her I had looked into Chetumal and Tulum, But the places I saw for rent were a bit pricey. She advised that she & Steve rented a 2 bedroom condo for $600/month in Playa del Carmen and were only a block from the Carribean Sea.  She said that food & drinks were cheap there too.   As we talked, I saw a flyer laying on the bar and asked what it was about.  She advised that she and Steve go to the expat community nearby to play volleyball and a couple who also play there was missing.  The flyer showed their pictures and Samantha said that she is Canadian and he is American. They had been dating and broke up and the woman was planning on moving back to Canada the day after they went missing and he was going back to the USA.  She also said that Steve had gone with a large search group to look for them, but they did not find anything.


So as soon as I got back to our room, I started intense research on Playa del Carmen, Mexico and what I found was very promising. Playa del Carmen is a gorgeous seaside tourist town on the Riviera Maya (which goes from Cancun in the North to Tulum in the South). We did find the cheap apartments and rental homes that Samantha had mentioned and I also found out that there is civilization there (with over 900+ restaurants and shops and some big box stores that we were used to in Florida)!!

It really seemed to be the answer to our prayers! Of course, I was ready to ditch all of our Belize plans right then and there and leave Belize far behind, but Rich was a bit more hesitant, so we talked and I explained that I had only 12 days of vacation and if we do not go to Mexico now to check it out, I don’t know when I’ll be able to get more vacation. I also explained that it does not make any sense for us to stay in Belize when we know that we absolutely do not want to live there. We were only on this trip to find a place where we can relocate, this was not a vacation and I did not want to waste our time in Belize. After much back and forth, he finally agreed as long as I canceled all the Belize plans and made all the Playa del Carmen plans, which was a snap for me!!



Author: Karen and Rich

Recently retired after 30 years as a nurse!! Yay!! Moving to Mexico with the love of my life & our 4 crazy pets!! Please enjoy following our Mexican Adventure which takes you from the thoughts in our heads considering moving overseas to our everyday lives on the Yucatan Penninsula and everything in between!!

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