#1 Thinking Of Moving To Another Country. Waaayyy Outside Of The Box !!

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Welcome all to our Mexican Adventure!!
I have never blogged before, but looking back on my teenage years, I loved writing poetry & stories, so now that I have lots of new free time, I think I will become a “blogger”.

It all started in October, 2016 when I took off work (as a nurse at an insurance company) to take care of my hubby, Rich when he had a difficult back surgery.  Even though it was painful and tough on both of us, him more than me, of course.


We realized that we really loved our
quality time together and knew that we needed a way to get more of it!!

You see, Rich is 10 1/2 years older than me and we both have health issues, so as no one knows how much time we have in this world, we decided that we had to make some serious changes in life!!


I had been working 9 1/2 hours Monday thru Friday and we only got to spend time together for a few hours each night and we wanted more.   I was in a very stressful job which was getting increasingly more stressful daily and I wanted to be “unchained” from my desk!!

I had started reading International Living articles online about living overseas in Central and South American countries for much less than we were spending in Fort Myers!!


Unbeknownst to me, many retired people have been moving to these countries for years to help make their retirement dollars stretch as far as possible and I thought this may be something that we could do too!!

When I first mentioned moving to another country, Rich said, “We can think about that later.” and I said, “we will never be any younger than we are right now…”

He agreed and so our journey started…


Author: Karen and Rich

Recently retired after 30 years as a nurse!! Yay!! Moving to Mexico with the love of my life & our 4 crazy pets!! Please enjoy following our Mexican Adventure which takes you from the thoughts in our heads considering moving overseas to our everyday lives on the Yucatan Penninsula and everything in between!!

4 thoughts on “#1 Thinking Of Moving To Another Country. Waaayyy Outside Of The Box !!”

  1. Hi guys Small world we also live in Fort Myers and will be moving to Merida this October. We have been to Merida twice last year and we love it there. We met with Yucatán Expat Services with Adriana. She is wonderful. And will be using her for our Temporary. Hope to meet you both when we move down there. Tanya & Dave Kahn.


    1. Hi Tanya!! That is so funny that you are moving from Fort Myers to Merida!! Actually, suprisingly you are not the only ones. I also got an email from a single woman who is in Fort Myers who is planning on moving here too!! Really small world!! I love all of the people who work at YES, they have been a godsend to us. We were there just the other day as I got my Temporary Resident card. Yay!! We really love it here. The people, the culture and the food are outstanding. The only bit of advise that I have would give is to work on learning your Spanish before you get here!! Rich and I learned a little bit before getting here and we get by with Google Translator, but after 6 mos here, we are still learning and wish we would have done it prior to getting here!! Are you and Dave retired or will you be working here? Rich is retired and even though I am only 53, I am “retired” too which I love. We found a great rental home here and I am always finding things to keep me busy!! Keep watching the blog because I will soon have some new posts about our Mexican casa and places we have been too and things we have done!! Keep in touch!! Karen


      1. Hi I am fluent in Spanish as I grew up in Spain. We are retired but my husband still has a tax practice in New York City to which he will travel every January and return home in April. We are in the process of getting rid of stuff so we can ship what we are keeping to Progresso. How was the Mexican Consulate in Miami? When we move we’ll be flying from Miami to Merida direct. We have two miniature schnauzers which will be going in the cabin with us. Regards Tanya


      2. Hi Tanya…….
        The Mexican Consulate in Miami was great. From what we had read, we thought that we would have to go and have an interview with someone, then IF we were approved, we would not be able to receive the Visa until the next day, so we had to set up a hotel room also. Once we got there, we spoke with a man who had a few questions and then he told us we needed additional bank records showing that we had over $1,300 going into our bank account on a monthly basis. We left and stopped at our bank which was only a block away, got the info that he needed and went back to give it to him. He then advised that we could come back at 4pm and he would have the Visa available for us. Very easy peasy if you meet the monthly income of $1,300. I know that immigration requirements have changed in 2018, but we got our Visa in 2017. You may want to check into the changes. But it really was much easier getting the Visa than we expected. Good luck!!


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