#20 Our Mexican Casa (Part 2)

Before we could get the keys to the house some painting and clean-up needed to be done by the landlady and then we were told that we needed first and last months rent, which we expected.  What we did not expect was that we would need to go to a Notario or lawyer who would go over all the lease information and we had to sign a few things and of course, we had to pay the Notario too.  Once that was approved, we would only need to wait a few days until we could get in.  It was a bit dragged out, but we just did what they said and the place was ours!  Here are the photos when we first moved in (unfurnished).  For at least a month, all we had were 2 beds and a small outdoor garden table with two chairs.  That got old pretty quick!!

Huge statement wall in front of the house.
Our unique cactus near our gate.
Little palm tree in our little front yard.
Looking out through the gate
Our “Living/Dining Room”
Our back patio door
Cappy sitting at the door
Pool in the backyard

Another Interesting Story….

We had to sit on the wrought-iron chairs for sooooo long because we had purchased our sectional sofa and gorgeous armchair from Sears.

When we were at Sears we looked around at all the sofas and found what we wanted.  We spoke with a salesman who said that the furniture would be delivered in 2-3 days.  Take note that we were purchasing the furniture in mid-November.

We were ecstatic that they could get it to us so quick.  Then he said, ” You should have it on December 16th or later.

What!!!!????  We would have to wait a month??  Ugh!!

Normally, I would have said, “forget it” and go elsewhere to find furniture, but we had just moved here and had no idea where there were other furniture stores and we really loved the sectional sofa and chair that we had ordered.  So we went along with it.

I have no clue what the hold up was, but we were really getting sick and tired of the stupid patio chairs!

Then one day we were going down a street in Merida and I saw a furniture shop.  A very little shop, but we decided to check it out.  There we found a small turquoise sectional sofa. It was only a little over $300 and they said they could deliver it tomorrow.  We bought it on the spot and have now purchased our “interim sofa” so we could sit comfortably.  Surprisingly, the sofa came exactly when she said it was coming too!!


And the sofa and chair from Sears came on December 23rd.  Over a month later.

Boo Hoo!!