#19 Our Mexican Casa (Part 1)

During our 9-day stay at Hotel Doralba, we knew that we needed to start looking at rental homes or apartments asap.  We were unsure how to go about it, but I knew all the real estate sites since I had been looking at the sites for months and months while back in Fort Myers.  I sent out many emails explaining that we are now in Merida and are looking for a place to live for my husband and I and our four pets.   Practically immediately I heard from Gaby at Century 21 Galaxy.  She explained that she had a place that we might like and we made an appointment to meet with her.  Gaby and Karla met with us.  Karla as the English interpreter, but Gaby really knew much more English than she gave herself credit for.  We drove to the place available and we were very impressed from the minute we got there.  Many of the nicer homes in Merida have an electric gate to the carport and a large metal gate to the yard, which I assume, is for safety and security.  This one had that feature.  We toured the home and were really impressed with just how lovely it was.

It has a huge master bedroom and 2 nice size bedrooms with 3 1/2 baths.  A large living room/dining room area.  Nice size kitchen, covered back porch with yard and pool, laundry room, side porch downstairs with an upper terrace between two bedrooms looking down over the backyard and a large sundeck off of another bedroom!!  We really liked it and thought it would be great for not only ourselves, but for the pets too as the home was entirely surrounded by an 8-foot wall and the dogs and cats could go outside, but still remain safe.


Another thing to note regarding Mexican homes is that all of them are made out of cement blocks that are then stuccoed over, no stick-built and drywall homes here.  I think that may be because it is so hot here, it helps to keep the houses cool.  Plus they can easily withstand hurricanes and are probably cheaper to build too, but that is just a guess.  So as long as we don’t get an earthquake, we will be fine!

This home is really much bigger than we were looking for and we were going to look around at a few more places, since this was the first one we saw, but the realtors advised it may go quickly since it was such a wonderful deal.  At that point, we decided to take the plunge and get it!!

Another huge reason that we decided on it was related to Mexican real estate.  We were told by Gaby and by another realtor that we had met with prior to meeting Gaby, that in Mexico many of the homes that are for rent need to have a co-signer.  A friend or family member who would sign the lease saying that if you defaulted on the rent, that person would pay the remainder of the yearly lease.  Well, of course, we did not have a co-signer, as we knew no one in Mexico!!  Luckily for us, our landlady had waived the co-signer part of the agreement, so we just knew that this was the place for us!!  It really is much bigger than we were looking for, but everything else was perfect, so we went for it!!

And the very best part of the whole deal is that it is only $12,000 pesos/month……which comes out to approximately $615 USD per month depending on the rate of the peso!!!!