#17 Casa La Selva Cancun


We spent two nights at Casa La Selva in Cancun just to relax after our harrowing time getting to Mexico.  It was a really nice B & B off the beaten path.  Very unique with a large screened in living room.  The owner was so sweet and greeted us and our pets.  She advised ours are the first pets ever to the house, so we made sure that they were on their best behavior.   She even gave us an upgraded room at the regular price and when we asked if we could order a pizza for delivery, she went to the pizza place herself and got it for us which was fantastic.

Entrance To Casa La Selva


Sitting Area and Stairs


Living Room View From Balcony
Screened In Living Room


Stairs From Below


Dining Room




Our Room On The Balcony



Our Lovely Suite




We really didn’t get to go to the beach or do anything fun in Cancun because we had to and wanted to keep the dogs with us at all times and could not leave them in the room while we went out.  They came along with us and we went to get groceries, while I shopped, Rich stayed in the car with the pups and we splurged and got cheeseburgers for all at McDonald’s!!  Woo Hoo!!

On Sunday we headed off towards Merida (our new home)!!  Just a quick funny story that happened on the highway along the way….

The road was a two-lane highway and in very good condition.  After a few hours driving, we came across a toll booth and pulled out our US $$ to pay.   At that point, we were told that they do not accept US dollars, only pesos (which we had none of).  Doh!!  Something we didn’t even think about was trading our dollars in for pesos!!  The helpful man at the toll booth told us we would have to wait until someone comes by and wants to help us by accepting our dollars for their pesos.  We told him we would be willing to give $30 US dollars for 500 pesos which was approximately $25.  The toll booth man asked everyone who came by and after 20 minutes waiting, he found a European couple who offered to help us.

Thank Goodness for the toll booth guy who helped and the European couple!!

We were soon on the rest of our trip towards Merida!!