#15 Finally We’re Off To Mexico!!


On October 26th 2017, we headed off to the Fort Myers International Airport FINALLY!!  We dropped the pups and Cappy with the United “cargo guy” who sent us away the day before because we had more holes in the pet carriers than required.  This time all the paperwork was complete and we had the correct carriers.  We still felt really bad that we would not be seeing our pets for over 19 hours, but there was nothing we could do about it, so we said our “goodbyes” and we were off to the terminal. As we left, I said a little prayer that we would be reunited again in Cancun and everything would be fine.


Fort Myers International is a lovely airport and we had learned from our previous flight to Belize from Miami International that we would need to be using the “handicapped option” as Rich and I both have back issues and in many airports you really needed to have a wheelchair because the gates are so far away from the front of the airport.  We checked our bags and were whisked away in wheelchairs and then later on a large golf cart which really helped immensely.  We were one of the first into the plane too, which was also a great help.


Our plane was on time (one good thing about United Airlines) and within two hours we were landing in Houston.  Binky did very well on the plane and did not make a peep the whole entire time.  We were picked up by wheelchair attendants and taken down to the Baggage Check.  All of our bags came except for one.  We waited and waited and Rich went to find out where our last bag was.  Eventually, after much time, our bag was found and then later we realized what the hold up was.  When I packed the bag that came up missing, it came to me that since Binky would be with us in the hotel, I would need to pack a small litter pan and kitty litter for him.  So that is exactly what I did.  The litter was not the usual kind that we use, it was some kind of “natural litter”, but it was the only small bag that I could find.  When I packed it, I put the kitty litter in a large Ziploc bag and packed the litter pan with it.  When we got to the hotel room, we put it together that the lock was broken on that “missing bag” and we believe that the airport security people opened the bag thinking that we had a huge bag of weed when we really only had kitty litter!!  Glad to see that they were doing their due diligence!!


In the Houston hotel, we ordered room service and got comfortable.  After about an hour or so later, I could not find Binky!!  We both checked the room multiple times and could not find him anywhere, so I thought maybe he got out when we opened the door for the room service.  I went out and walked up and down the three very long hallways searching for him and could not find him.  By this time, I was getting frantic and we could not imagine where he could be.  Then it hit me!!  Our beds were on large frames that appeared impenetrable, but I thought he might have been able to somehow get under it.  We ripped up the bed down to the frame and there he was!!  All dirty, but he was fine.  He must have been so scared that he got through a tiny sliver at the top of the bed and wedged himself under there!!  At that point, we locked him in the bathroom so he would not get back under that bed.  Finally, I could get to sleep!!


The next morning we were off to the Houston Airport and after being examined by TSA in a private room where they made me lift my dress to check for contraband, we were one step closer to Cancun.