# 13 Sorry For My “Little White Lie”

By mid-October, we had not sold the house yet and we were becoming very anxious to get to Mexico. We had decided to move to Mexico while our house was still on the market because it was just so stressful to do all the planning, deal with the showings and work at my already stressful job.  So I told a little white lie at work and told them we had sold our house and I would be quitting and moving to Mexico asap.


I officially “retired” on October 12th, 2017. Three days short of my 8-year Anniversary with the insurance company. No longer a member of the “herd”.   Yay!!

In actuality, I had not TOTALLY lied, we were moving to Mexico asap!!


Once I quit working, our Mexico plans went into overdrive…


We had to go to the Mexican Consulate in Miami to get our Mexican Visas. There are many rules on Immigration, so if you are planning on moving to Mexico, make sure that you look into it. Mexperience is a great website with lots of information on the multiple types of Visas and more. We found out to get your Residente Temporal (which is the Temporary Resident card), we had to show that Rich had an income of at least $1,300/month. With his retirement, we exceeded that amount and he was able to show that to the Mexican Consulate.

Although I had a good amount of money in a 401K, I could not get the Mexican Visa, because I was not getting a monthly stipend from it. We were told that we needed to get what is called an “apostille”, which is given by our state office in Tallahassee, where they research your marriage license and write a letter to the Mexican Immigration Office saying that I am Rich’s wife.  Actually, the apostille is really saying that I am his property and therefore, I can get my Residente Temporal card after Rich gets his (without my having to prove any income requirements). Every year we have to go through updating our Residente Temporal status (which is mostly just paying a fee)  and once we are here for 4 years, then we can get Residente Permanente (Permanent Resident Card) and will not have to go through any more immigration issues. I know that Immigration requirements have changed in 2018, so again, please do not take my word on anything, if you are considering moving to Mexico, look into it!!


Captain Fishypants AKA: Cappy

Taking Bailey, Elphie, Cappy, and Binky to the vet prior to moving cost us close to $2,000 altogether for their examinations, vaccines, flea and tick medicine, tapeworm medicine and all the paperwork that needed to be done. Each was thoroughly examined by our Vet, Dr. Denise K. and all the information had to be sent to the USDA, also in Tallahassee. All the information that was needed by the USDA was very specific: it had to be in a certain color of ink, had to be in lower case letters, no use of initials on the forms, etc.  Our vet got all that info together and filed the correct papers. The info had to be overnighted to Tallahassee, the USDA Vet did whatever they do and then overnighted the info back to our Vet. Once our Vet received the paperwork, we had to fly into Mexico within the next 6 days and if that could not be done, we would have to start the whole process over again.

20151105_082854[1] (2)


Ugh.  What an ordeal!!

But wait until we deal with United Airlines……..It gets worse!!














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