#10 Making Lots of Plans…


We were happy to be home and in our own bed, but were so anxious to get back to Mexico too!!

We loved LunaSol, but our bed there was as hard as a rock, literally! It was a mattress on a cement slab with a cement headboard…It’s a Mexican thing, but not very comfortable for us. It took a few days to get rested and settled and then we started making plans.


I bought a big whiteboard which we used to make all of our lists of things that needed to get done and checked them off when completed. I read and researched every Mexican Expat website and nearly everything I could get my hands on related to moving to Mexico.

We had a list of work that we wanted and needed to get done prior to putting the house on the market.

We had a list of all that needed to get done from our end to get us prepared to move.

We had a list for all that we needed to do to get the dogs and cats prepared to move.

Of course, we knew it would be a lot to accomplish, but it ended up being that and so much more in the long run!!


Rich did the majority of the work around the house himself and did a fantastic job. We also hired some people to help us with the heavy duty work. Even though it was less than a year ago, it seems as if it was ages ago to me!

We had new PVC piping put in throughout the entire house, upgrading both bathrooms, did electrical work, repainted the interior of the whole house and touched up the exterior paint.
Rich did a huge tile backsplash in the kitchen and both bathrooms and painted the kitchen cabinets. We had a new dishwasher, garbage disposal and undercabinet microwave installed.


Finally, we had a few floor issues that we had to take care of, we had a ceramic tile floor put in the kitchen and the hall and then had 3 rooms carpeted.


Needless to say, it was a job to get it all done, but it had to be done and with every job that we tackled, we looked at it like it was getting us one step closer to Mexico.

In the midst of all our construction, while looking for rental homes/apartments in Playa del Carmen online, I started seeing very affordable places for rent in Merida, so I started researching Merida. And what I found was wonderful!