#23 1/3/2018 Finally, We Got A Car!!!!!!

January 3, 2018

After having multiple rental cars since we got to Mexico on October 28th, we have finally been able to get our new car!!

Hooray!!  Not new per se, as it is a 2016, but new to us.  It is a dark turquoise Nissan March with only 30,000 KM (which is 18,600 miles) and is automatic (which is not easy to find in Merida as most are standard).  In Mexico, the make is mostly the same as in the states, but the models are different. We wanted a little car to zip around in due to the crazy traffic and parking issues and most small cars are standard.  It took us awhile, but we found this little baby and knew she would be ours!

Of course, we had difficulty getting the money that was in our American bank into Mexico. We attempted to open a bank account in Mexico but were unable to do so because we did not have some of the information that is needed to get a bank account. We were told that Rich would need his Residente Temporal Card (which he had), his passport and our certified rental contract on our home to open a bank account. Although we had been in our home for 2 months, the realtor explained that the document was STILL “being certified” and we would not be able to get it until after the New Year.  We even got a letter from the realtor saying that we are renting the home at the address where we live, but the bank advised they needed the “certified copy”.  Ugh!!  Seems as if we run into red tape wherever we go!!   Soooo….after days and days and days of taking the maximum amounts out of three American bank accounts via ATM (which is 5,000 pesos= $258.52 per day) we were finally able to buy our car!! It was $130,000 pesos (which equaled to be about $7,000 at the time that we purchased it).  Which we thought was a great deal!!